Welding fume extractors

We have always designed vacuum solutions, and themachine shop is the focus of our attention. Welding fume extractors make it possible to improve the air quality inside rooms used for mechanical processing. In fact, during the processes of machining and treatment of metal surfaces, fumes and fine dust (with microparticles of dust in suspension even smaller than 0.1 µm in diameter) are continuously produced, which if inhaled can bring serious consequences for the health of operators. Specifically, welding processes, which allow the final joining of two metal components by means of a localized heat source emitted from a flashlight, give off health-damaging fumes, gases and vapors that must be removed using an air extractor. Therefore, this activity must be conducted by paying special attention to the figure of the welder and the environment in which he or she works.
Extraction of gases, vapors or fumes should be done as close as possible to the place where they are produced. Occupational exposure limit values(ELVs) stipulate that the average concentration of pollutants must never be exceeded within a worker’s breathing zones. These values are developed based on scientific data provided directly by the Ministry of Health, with the aim of limiting the presence of dispersed dust and microparticles in the work environment.
Dupuy’s range of fume extractors dedicated to the world of welding presents a series of effective tools to prevent toxic fumes from being dispersed into the work environment and thus being inhaled by operators. The best way to achieve this is to act directly at the source of emission, sucking up the fumes and dust released during processing, and also purifying them of the chemical and harmful substances present with the support of a welding fume extractor.
All our smoke extractors are equipped with a powerful suction fan and an articulated self-supporting arm ideal for localized suction. Compact size facilitates mobility between workstations quickly and easily. These machines are essential for optimal air quality maintenance in body shops, carpentries, machine shops, shipyards, and manufacturing enterprises.

Aspiratori industriali per fumi di saldatura

Du-Puy's range of welding fume extractors

Our welding fume extraction solutions are mobile and compact in size for easy transport within the premises and to ensure localized gas extraction directly at the source.
Du-Puy industrial fume extractors have a cartridge or panel filtration system for staged progressive filtration.
They are available:
– Welding fume extractors with absolute Hepa filter, with very high dust abatement capacity, designed for filtration of fumes released during welding applications of metals and alloy steels, suitable for re-emission of purified air into the working environment;
Activated carbon filter units for removing fumes, vapors and odors released during welding processes and chemical applications;
– Vacuum units for large quantities of smoke and dust, suitable for continuous use in metal surface treatments. Possibility of H13 absolute post filter, activated carbon (12Kg), automatic filter cleaning system in countercurrent air flow, and ATEX-certified version of machine for work in low-risk explosion environment;
– Welding vacuum cleaner for mig-mag welding machines 2-in-1, with automatic start/stop device that allows the vacuum cleaner to be turned on and off without performing any operation and cleaning mode for cleaning the work area.

Fumebuster AC – Compact industrial fumes vacuum cleaner with activated carbon Aspirafumi industriale

Fumebuster AC

Compact industrial fumes vacuum cleaner with activated carbon
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Fumebuster PRO – Compact and handy welding vacuum cleaner c

Fumebuster PRO

Compact and handy welding vacuum cleaner
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Fumebuster H – Welding Fume Extractor with Absolute Hepa Filter Aspirafumi industriale

Fumebuster H

Welding Fume Extractor with Absolute Hepa Filter
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Fumevac – Welding fume extractor with vacuum function Aspiratore polivalente 2 in 1 per fumi di saldatura


Welding fume extractor with vacuum function
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