WD 1500 – single-phase vacuum cleaner for dust, solids and liquids

Compact, lightweight and powerful, the WD1500 vacuum cleaner is suitable for dust or liquid suction thanks to a dust kit and a liquid kit, both of which are included as standard. The dust kit consists of a polyester/nylon filter . The liquid kit consists of a float for automatic suction stop, when the container is full.

  • Equipped with 1 single-phase charcoal motor, by-pass type, with total power of 1100 watts, which ensures rapid cooling in case of overheating.
  • A solid ABS plastic header protects the motor from blows, cuts and intrusion of external bodies while keeping the noise level to a minimum.
  • The vacuum cleaner consists of a STAINLESS STEEL bin, equipped with impact protection around the bin, and swivel wheels
  • The machine includes a Ø 40 accessory kit, complete with floor cleaning accessory, hose, aluminum nozzle and PVC brush
  • It is possible to bag the powder directly into black garbage bags

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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WD 1500 – single-phase vacuum cleaner for dust, solids and liquids
Voltage230 - 50 1~ V - Hz
Power1,1 kW
Max waterlift2.400 mmH2O
Max air flow180 m³/h
Primary filterSacco
Superficie – diametro2.000 cm² - 400 mm
Capacità65 lt.
Weight15 kg

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