SKY 250-500 – Oil mist filter units for small machine tools

The new range of DU-PUY oil mist coalescing filters includes models with air flow rates from 250 up to 2,500 cu m/h, enabling them to meet the pollutant extraction needs of any type of machine tool in the mechanical industry. This system allows purified air to be fed back into the working environment and oil or emulsions to be recovered.
The aspirator exploits the principle of coalescence, the propensity of oil droplets to aggregate into larger and heavier droplets that are then collected in the container.
With their compact design, SKY filter units can be easily mounted directly on the machine tool cabin. Installation is simple and does not require any special machine connection accessories.

The suction unit is a low power, low consumption turbine with large air flow.

SKY is the only oil mist extractor on the market which, without any type of modification or adapter, can indiscriminately house two different types of filter media: a Multilayer filter (standard) or a pleated cartridge with a high filtering surface with pre- coalescing filter.
The progressive efficiency multilayer filter in expanded polyurethane and fiberglass is certified EN779:2012 “G3” and “G4” respectively.
The pleated cartridge filter is “M” certified (IFA/BGIA) with a special “F5” certified coalescent filter.

The oils and emulsions sucked up and filtered are deposited on the wall of the vacuum cleaner allowing their recovery through the exhaust pipe.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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SKY 250-500 – Oil mist filter units for small machine tools
Voltage400 - 50 ~ 3 V - Hz
Power0,12 - 0,18 kW
Max air flow250 - 500 m³/h
Suction inlet100 mm
Primary filterCartuccia
Superficie – diametro2300 cm² - 280 mm
DimensionsØ39 x 47h
Weight17 - 18 kg

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