SKY 2000 – 2500 – High efficiency oil mist filter units for air purification from CNC machines

DU-PUY oil mist filter units, suitable for large machine tools, have air flow rates from 2000 to 2500m3/h. They enable the suction and filtration needs of pollutants from large CNC machines to be met. This system allows purified air to be put back into the environment and oil or emulsions to be recovered.

With its compact design, SKY filtration units can be easily mounted directly on the machine tool cabin. Installation is simple and does not require any special machine connection accessories. Likewise, adjustable installation kits are available for special needs.

Each machine tool and each machining operation has different parameters. It is essential to know the application well in order to choose the appropriate SKY model. Type of coolant, cabin size , and material used are some factors that affect the sizing of the oil mist filter model to be proposed.

The suction unit is a low power, low consumption turbine with large air flow.

Equipped with the possibility of a double filter, without any type of modification or adapter, it can accommodate two different types of filter media without distinction: a Multilayer filter (standard) or a pleated cartridge with a high filtering surface area with coalescent pre-filter.
The progressive efficiency multilayer filter in expanded polyurethane and fiberglass is certified EN779:2012 “G3” and “G4” respectively.
The pleated cartridge filter is “M” certified (IFA/BGIA) with a special “F5” certified coalescent filter.
The aspirator can be equipped with a cyclonic pre-filter for the most demanding applications or an H13 certified post-filter which allows a very high level of final filtration (99.97%)

The oils and emulsions sucked up and filtered are deposited on the wall of the vacuum cleaner allowing their recovery through the exhaust pipe.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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SKY 2000 – 2500 – High efficiency oil mist filter units for air purification from CNC machines
Voltage400 - 50 ~ 3 V - Hz
Power0,75 - 1,1 kW
Max air flow2000 - 2500 m³/h
Primary filterCartuccia
Superficie – diametro100.000 cm² - 410 mm
DimensionsØ59 x 59h
Weight46 - 50 kg

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