Silovac 100T – Vacuum silos for large quantities of materials

SILOVAC 100T is our three-phase suction silo, ideal for suctioning solids and dust. Its intelligent design allows it to integrate into the production plant as needed. Its modularity is highly valued by professionals who want to make the most of the silo’s capacity and not compromise on its suction power. It is equipped with a three-phase turbine that enables low maintenance and is constructed with the durable materials for continuous use. This silo vacuum is highly versatile, allowing you to choose from several options for each individual component, from its height to the power of its motor (3 to 4 kW).

The suction unit is a high-performance side channel turbine, with direct coupling between the drive shaft and the impeller. Since it has no transmission systems, it does not require any ordinary maintenance and is suitable for prolonged continuous service.

The filter unit consists of a polyester pocket filter. It is possible to clean the filter using the integrated mechanical cleaning system: an external filter shaking lever shakes the filter with vertical movement, ensuring an effective and safe cleaning action, maintaining constant suction performance, and preventing the dispersion of dust in the ‘environment.

The cylindrical structure of the industrial vacuum cleaner accommodates a 100 liter capacity container. The material is unloaded directly into big-bags.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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Silovac 100T – Vacuum silos for large quantities of materials
Voltage400 - 50 3~ V - Hz
Power3 kW
Max waterlift2.600 mmH2O
Max air flow370 m³/h
Suction inlet80 mm
Primary filterTasche
Superficie – diametro20.000 cm² - 420 mm
Capacità100 lt.
Weight170 kg

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