MHD Z22 – ATEX-certified three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners for heavy-duty applications

The MHD series consists of ATEX-certified three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners for Zone 22, the ideal solution for suctioning large quantities of solids, dusts and liquids in low explosion hazard areas.
Thanks to the powerful side-channel turbines, with available powers 7.5 kW to 18.5 kW, MHD Z22 series industrial vacuum cleaners are capable of developing a very high airflow rate, perfect for quick and easy suction of large amounts of material in areas requiring ATEX-certified equipment.
They can effortlessly remove any type of material and can be used in both mobile applications and on centralized facilities.
In fact, they can be combined with the line of cyclonic separators that allow large volumes of material to be processed.

The suction unit is a high-performance side channel turbine, with direct coupling between the drive shaft and the impeller. Since it has no transmission systems, it does not require any ordinary maintenance and is suitable for prolonged continuous service.
A vacuum relief valve protects the engine from overheating, ensuring the supply of air for cooling.

It is possible to clean the antistatic polyester pocket filter using the integrated mechanical cleaning system: an external filter shaking lever shakes the filter with a vertical movement, guaranteeing an effective and safe cleaning action, maintaining constant suction performance and preventing dispersion of dust into the environment.

The steel container is equipped with a quick release system that allows you to quickly dispose of the vacuumed material.

Data sheet

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MHD Z22 – ATEX-certified three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners for heavy-duty applications

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