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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the information needed to complete the warranty form?

DU-PUY vacuum cleaners are equipped with a sticker or metal plate indicating the model identification and serial number. This is the information that will appear on the warranty certificate with the date of purchase.

When does the guarantee come into force and how long is it valid?

The effective date of the DU-PUY guarantee is certified by the sales invoice to the end user. It shall be valid for 24 months in accordance with the provisions of the European Community. All repair work will be carried out on the premises of DU-PUY or in authorized service centers. For more information about the warranty, please consult the extended format of the terms of sale or the user manual.

Who can I contact for warranty information or service requests?

You can contact our customer service on +39 0331682812 or your trusted DU-PUY dealer. Our employees and partners will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the most effective solution. Do not forget to bring the model and serial number of the vacuum cleaner.

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