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*Promotions reserved for end users residing in Italy. For area dealerships, please contact your sales references for more information on current promotions.

Low-priced industrial vacuum cleaners: all the deals

All of our industrial vacuum cleaners are built with the latest technology and using quality materials that make them durable for even the toughest jobs.

Why choose our industrial vacuum cleaners

Unlike canonical commercial vacuum cleaners, the first item to consider when choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner or professional canister is definitely the motorization.
  • The industrial motors we use on our models ensure long life and above-average performance. Elements such as vacuometers and visual indicators of filter clogging allow you to constantly monitor performance, preventing blockages and annoying vacuum cleaner malfunctions. Our motors are always placed inside steel shells for protection against shock and impact, and covered with sound-absorbing material to decrease noise.
  • The durable, high-quality materials that make up the structure of the industrial vacuum cleaner are crucial to its use. A steel containment bin allows suction of various types of material, from fine powders to liquids, while making the vacuum cleaner more resistant to impact.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners always equip large area filters with certified filter media that ensure dust is retained and not dispersed into the environment. The industrial construction of each vacuum cleaner allows it to be equipped with the most appropriate filter to best meet each application. All Dupuy industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filter cleaning system to maintain maximum suction performance at all times and extend filter life.
Professional vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, do not provide a simple filter cleaning system, making it necessary to remove the motor head to clean or replace the filter.
Easy disposal of sucked materials increases the safety and efficiency of your operations.
Each industrial vacuum cleaner has a simplified material discharge system. In most cases it corresponds to a release container mounted on wheels that allows for easy material handling.
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