PROVAC 150 D – Professional dust extractor

PROVAC 150 D is our new professional vacuum cleaner belonging to the Wet & Dry range of vacuum cleaners.

It is a high-performance machine designed to provide deep and fast cleaning inside stores, hotel rooms and small craft workshops.
With a power output of 0.9kW and an airflow rate of 180m3/h, this vacuum cleaner provides high suction capacity for dust and debris, making cleaning faster and more effective.

In addition, with a height of less than half a meter, this vacuum cleaner is easy to handle and can be used in environments with limited space.
In summary, this professional vacuum cleaner is a high-performance tool that combines power, efficiency, and maneuverability.

The suction is developed by a single-phase carbon bypass motor which guarantees rapid cooling in case of overheating. A solid plastic head protects the engine from possible impacts and intrusions from external bodies, keeping the noise level to a minimum.

Un filtro a sacco protegge il motore dall’intrusione di polveri e corpi solidi.

15 liter collection tank.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

Download the Data sheet
PROVAC 150 D – Professional dust extractor
Voltage230 - 50 1~ V - Hz
Power0,9 kW
Max waterlift1.900 mmH2O
Max air flow180 m³/h
Primary filterSacco
Weight8 kg

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