Oilvac 200 – High capacity industrial suction bucket for oil and swarf

The OILVAC 200 industrial suction bucket can vacuum and filter up to 200L of oil and emulsion mixed with chips.
This industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a float switch to stop suction when the container is full.
It can discharge filtered oils quickly thanks to an independent high-flow electric pump with a discharge rate of 180 lt/min.
Chips are retained by an easily removable stainless steel grating basket.
It allows significant savings on two typically significant expenses in mechanical engineering.
Recycling oil allows you to reduce disposal and resource costs while increasing the efficiency of the production process. The ergonomics and maneuverability of this reel reduces downtime and boosts the productivity of your production plant.

This suction bucket is equipped with a powerful single-phase motor or a powerful side channel turbine suitable for 24/7 continuous service. The suction is developed by three carbon brush by-pass motors, operated by independent switches and placed in a solid metal head, soundproofed with sound-absorbing material.

A float stops the suction when the liquid in the container reaches the maximum level, avoiding liquid spills.
A bag filter protects the engine from the intrusion of dust and solid bodies.

The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy metal frame and equipped with sturdy industrial wheels, which make handling easy even on bumpy surfaces. The container is compact and removable, and contains a sieve grid that separates the solid part.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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Oilvac 200 – High capacity industrial suction bucket for oil and swarf
Voltage230 - 50 1~ V - Hz
Power3 x 1,1 - 2 x 1,6 kW
Max waterlift2.400 - 3.600 mmH2O
Max air flow540 - 340 m³/h
Suction inlet50 mm
Primary filterTasche
Superficie – diametro14.000 cm² - 420 mm
Weight205 kg

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