Oilvac 130 – Oil and chip vacuum cleaner

Du-Puy’s latest vacuum solution for themechanical industry.
Over the years, we realized there was a lack of a machine that combined the advantages of a wheeled vacuum and a suction bucket, with intermediate capacity between the Oilvac 100 and Oilvac 200.
The oil and swarf vacuum cleaner, Oilvac 130, combines the compactness and maneuverability of typical vacuum cleaners with a removable container and dual-stage filtration with the containment capacity of buckets, enabling more machine tools to be cleaned.
From this need comes our latest vacuum cleaner for the mechanical industry, with 3 powerful single-phase motors, an independent 100lt/min discharge pump to simultaneously suck in and discharge, thus speeding up operations, and instant separation of emulsions from coarser chips.

The suction is developed by three single-phase carbon brush motors, of the by-pass type. These motors are protected inside a solid steel cylinder head, containing a sound-absorbing material that minimizes noise during service. The control panel located on the engine head includes three independent switches, a clogged filter indicator with warning light, which warns when the maximum level has been reached. Easy emptying of the chip basket via container release system.

Inside the filter chamber of the oil vacuum cleaner, there is a class M star filter with hydro-oleophobic properties, with a filtering surface of 14,000 cm2.
In the Pump version, a 300µ PPL filter is included as standard for the filtration of the finest metal filth. The 100µ version is also available as an option.

The vacuumed material is separated through a grated basket. The filtered oil is collected in the release container. The chip extractor is equipped as standard with a manual unloading system which also acts as a visual level indicator. In the Pump version, the independent drain pump speeds up the operations of discharging the refrigerant into the collection tanks or bins.

The collection unit, with a total capacity of 130 litres, integrates an electronic float which stops the suction when the maximum level of the container has been reached.
The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, equipped with non-marking swivel wheels with parking brake.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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Oilvac 130 – Oil and chip vacuum cleaner
Voltage230 - 50 1~ V - Hz
Power3 x 1,1 - 2 x 1,6 kW
Max waterlift3.600 - 2.400 mmH2O
Max air flow540 - 340 m³/h
Suction inlet80 mm
Primary filterTasche
Superficie – diametro14.000 cm² - 420 mm
Weight83 kg

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