MHD 180 HV – Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner capable of generating high vacuum values

The MHD 180 HV is Dupuy’s three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner, one of the most powerful and durable in the range, ideal for suctioning large mixed quantities of solid and liquid material in heavy-duty applications.

Available in ATEX-certified version.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful double-stage side channel blower in series in which the impeller is fixed directly on the motor shaft: this almost completely reduces the wear of the components and the consequent maintenance needs. The double-stage turbine generates high levels of depression, which makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for vacuuming any material.

The control panel consists of a start-stop push-button panel, containing a thermal-magnetic switch. A vacuum gauge allows you to constantly check the level of depression and the saturation state of the filter, and to promptly detect any anomalies. A double silencer reduces noise and dampens the impact of the outgoing air.

The turbine is equipped with a vacuum relief valve. If the maximum vacuum is reached due to the tube being blocked, it allows air to enter to cool the turbine.

Polyester filter Cat. “L”.

The filter shaker system, with a vertically moving manual lever, allows the filter to always be efficient and prolongs its life, also preventing saturation and keeping the machine’s suction performance constant.
The tangential suction system with a Ø120 cast aluminum mouthpiece positioned underneath the filter allows you to simultaneously suck up dust, solids and liquids (within the capacity of the container) without the need to replace or remove the filter.

The tangential nozzle with cyclone allows for better separation of the vacuumed material.

Model available in PN version with an effective filtration system composed of cartridges with a large filtering surface with innovative automatic pneumatic cleaning system with counter-current air system.
Particularly suitable for treating very fine dust and in large quantities which could prematurely clog common filtration systems.

The aspirated material is deposited in a reinforced steel release container, with a capacity of 160 litres, which allows the aspirated material to be disposed of quickly and without getting dirty.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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MHD 180 HV – Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner capable of generating high vacuum values
Voltage400 - 50 3~ V - Hz
Power17,3 kW
Max waterlift6.000 mmH2O
Max air flow720 m³/h
Suction inlet120 mm
Primary filterTasche
Superficie – diametro70.000 cm² - 560 mm
Capacità160 lt.
Weight421 kg

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