MHD 150 – Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for heavy-duty applications and centralized vacuum systems

The MHD 150 is Du-Puy’s high-power three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner designed for continuous applications.

The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy steel frame with forklift forklift readiness and 2 pivoting wheels, one of which has brakes; all metal parts of the vacuum cleaner are epoxy painted.

Available in ATEX-certified version.

Available PN model with an effective filtration system consisting of large surface area filter cartridges with innovative automatic cleaning system against air current. Particularly suitable for treating very fine dust in large quantities that could prematurely clog common filtration systems.

Suction is provided by a side channel blower type motor, in which the impeller is fixed directly on the crankshaft and without a transmission system. It is therefore completely maintenance-free, suitable for 24-hour operation, very quiet and capable of providing exceptional suction performance; a vacuum gauge allows you to constantly check the suction performance and detect possible filter blockages.

The machine is equipped with a metal electrical panel, CE standard, with 10 m neoprene rubber cable with 32amp plug and star-delta starting panel.

The turbine is equipped as standard with a vacuum relief valve. In the case of a completely occluded suction pipe, the valve supplies fresh air to the turbine through the entry of air from the environment.

The filter is positioned and protected inside the steel filter chamber; the polyester star filter provides a filtering surface of 70,000 cm2 and high filtration efficiency (class L, 3 microns). A manual filter shaker allows the user to clean the filter efficiently, using a vertical shaking motion, in order to remove most of the dust and keep the filter clean, in order to increase its life and maintain the performance of the filter unchanged. machine suction. The nozzle with tangential inlet (Ø120 mm in diameter), placed under the filter, allows you to simultaneously suck up dust, solid and liquid material (the latter only within the capacity of the tank), without the need to change or remove the filter.

The aspirated material is placed inside a quick-release container mounted on wheels (160 liter capacity), which allows the aspirated material to be disposed of simply and safely.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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MHD 150 – Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for heavy-duty applications and centralized vacuum systems
Voltage400 - 50 3~ V - Hz
Power12,5 kW
Max waterlift4.400 mmH2O
Max air flow1.100 m³/h
Suction inlet120 mm
Primary filterTasche
Superficie – diametro70.000 cm² - 560 mm
Capacità160 lt.
Weight430 kg

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