Fumebuster H – Welding Fume Extractor with Absolute Hepa Filter

TheFUMEBUSTER H fume extractor is designed for filtering fumes and gases released during welding applications of high-alloy metals and alloy and unalloyed steels.
It is a compact, wheel-mounted smoke extractor model suitable for flexible use in mobile locations.

  • Articulated arm for localized suction.
  • Led indicator for filter saturation detection
  • Motor protection in case of wrong voltage

The FUMEBUSTER H smoke extractor is equipped with a 1.1kW electric fan which guarantees a high air flow rate of 1300m3/h.

The aspirator is equipped with progressive filtration consisting of panel filters with 4 filtration stages.

1st stage: Metallic filter with spark trap
2nd stage: Fireproof G4 prefilter
3rd stage: Main filter F7 9m2
4th stage: Hepa H13 filter 25m2

Thanks to the Hepa H13 absolute filter, it is suitable for extraction in environments where you want to reintroduce purified air into the working environment.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

Download the Data sheet
Fumebuster H – Welding Fume Extractor with Absolute Hepa Filter
Voltage400 - 50 3~ V - Hz
Power1,1 kW
Max air flow1300 m³/h
Suction inlet150 mm
Dimensions65 x 75 x 113h
Weight123 kg

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