Stationary vacuum cleaners on board the machine

Due to their small size, stationary vacuum cleaners can be installed directly on production machines. These industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up dust and light machining waste, ensuring continuous work with very little maintenance.

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Industrial on-board vacuum cleaners for suctioning up scraps

Who said that industrial vacuum cleaners have to be compulsorily bulky? DU-PUY small stationary vacuum cleaners offer incredible results because of their ability to be installed near plants or directly on production lines. Particularly welcome in small laboratories or complex industrial installations because of their quietness and compactness, they do not sacrifice the ability to be customized as needed.

Ideal for suctioning fine machining dust or light scraps, their powerful motor ensures continuous suction and long service life.

Fixed suction units aspirasfridi

Fixed suction units

Fixed suction unit for on-board suction
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