DEDUST PRO – Industrial dust collector for pvc and aluminum powders

The DEDUST PRO industrial dust collector for light chips is an essential device for removing suspended chip particles within production departments, ensuring a safe and clean working environment. In particular, dust and chip dust collectors are ideal for working closely with machines that process aluminum and PVC.
Suction of aluminum or pvc dust on cutting, milling , or punching machines, rather than on CNC machines is one of the typical applications of this industrial chip extractor. In fact, thanks to it, it is possible to suck up chips and residues directly at the source, minimizing the time spent on machine maintenance and cleaning working environments. Also available in an ATEX-certified version.

The extraction unit is a 2.2 or 4 kW electric fan mounted on the upper part of the extractor which allows large quantities of air to be moved consistently over time.

The polyester pocket filter, placed inside the filter chamber, guarantees a large filtration surface (50,000 cm²) and high resistance to the passage of dust and clogging.

The dust is collected in the large 100-litre quick-release container, with the possibility of bagging.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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DEDUST PRO – Industrial dust collector for pvc and aluminum powders
Voltage400 - 50 ~ 3 V - Hz
Power2,2 - 4 kW
Max waterlift210 - 370 mmH2O
Max air flow2500 - 3500 m³/h
Suction inlet200 mm
Superficie – diametro50000 cm² - 560 mm
Dimensions78x85x205h - 214h
Weight110 - 130 kg

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