DEDUST 8 – Industrial dust collector for centralized dedusting systems

The DEDUST 8 industrial dust collector is the top of the line of the DU-PUY family of dust collectors, perfect for the direct extraction of large amounts of suspended dust in the work environment and ideal for centralized vacuum systems.
Minimal maintenance is required, which involves replacing cartridges and emptying the container.
It can be used in various fields of application: from theiron and steel industry, foundries and steel mills, cement factories, chemical industries, metal workshops, carpentry workshops or in the treatment of fumes from combustion or waste treatment.
Our goal is to ensure the removal of suspended dust by reducing workers’ exposure to dust harmful to human health, providing a healthy work environment.
The vacuum cleaner is complete with CE electrical panel for starting with 10m Neoprene cable and 16-amp socket.
The frame is made entirely of steel and is epoxy powder coated.
The high performance of the electric fan combined with the large filtering surface area and large dust container make it ideal for building a centralized dust extraction system to control suspended dust.

The suction unit is a powerful 5.5 kW electric fan which guarantees an air flow rate of more than 5000 cubic meters per hour.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with 8 Cat. M antistatic cartridge filters which retain particles up to 1 µ with a high filtering surface (total 800,000 cm2). It is equipped as standard with an automatic pneumatic cartridge filter cleaning system which allows efficient and constant cleaning. A compressor (not included) shoots a jet of compressed air automatically inside the cartridges in shifts (a differential pressure sensor checks the saturation of the cartridges and starts the cleaning cycle when needed). This effective system keeps the cartridges free from dust particles that can decrease suction performance.

The dust and particulates are deposited in a quick-release container mounted on wheels with a 90lt capacity, which allows for rapid disposal of the material.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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DEDUST 8 – Industrial dust collector for centralized dedusting systems
Voltage400 - 50 3~ V - Hz
Power5,5 kW
Max waterlift350 - 245 mmH2O
Max air flow5400 - 3000 m³/h
Suction inlet1 x 300 mm
Primary filterCartuccia
Weight465 kg

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