DEDUST 2 – Industrial dust collector for recovery and disposal of airborne particulate matter

DEDUST 2 is a high-efficiency industrial dust collector designed to extract suspended dust and fumes at high flow rates of up to 2,400 cu m/h.
Equipped with a powerful 1.5 Kw electric fan and a compressed air tank for alternate cleaning of the two cartridges, ensuring optimal operation in suction. Due to this distinctive feature, it is particularly suitable for the direct extraction of large amounts of dust in the working environment, both in the mechanical and food industries, and in multiple other sectors.
It can be configured with a 200 mm diameter suction arm or, alternatively, with two self-supporting arms of 150 mm diameter and 3 meters in length each. This configuration allows material to be vacuumed from two workstations simultaneously, increasing efficiency and productivity.
The dust collector comes complete with a CE electrical panel for starting, accompanied by 10 meters of Neoprene cable and a 16-amp socket.
The frame, made entirely of steel, is coated with epoxy powder coating, ensuring durability and strength over time.

The suction unit is an electric fan that guarantees a high air flow to the system.

Thanks to the large filtering surface, the DEDUST 2 dust collector actively acts on dust while maintaining a low pressure drop.
The dust collector is equipped with 2 Cat. M antistatic cartridge filters which retain particles up to 1 µ with a high filtering surface (total 200,000 cm2).
This dust extractor is equipped as standard with an automatic pneumatic cartridge filter cleaning system which allows efficient and constant cleaning.

The aspirated dust is deposited in a release container (30lt capacity) mounted on wheels, allowing rapid disposal of the material.

Data sheet

Detailed specifications and technical data. Download the complete technical data sheet to always have all the information at hand.

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DEDUST 2 – Industrial dust collector for recovery and disposal of airborne particulate matter
Voltage400 - 50 3~ V - Hz
Power1,5 kW
Max waterlift142 - 115 mmH2O
Max air flow2400 - 1350 m³/h
Suction inlet2 x 150 | 1 x 200 mm
Primary filterCartuccia
Dimensions115 x 82 x 170h
Weight235 kg

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