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A historical experience serving the industry

Our inspiration: your company

Since 1964, Dupuy has been building industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids and solids for all industrial applications. From the very first vacuum cleaner, the construction philosophy has not been inspired by mass production, but rather by the search for a handcrafted solution designed on the customer’s needs. This inspiration accompanies the entire Dupuy team to this day. Dalle fasi di progettazione alla spedizione, i nostri aspiratori industriali vengono curati nei minimi dettagli, al fine di garantire la migliore soluzione possibile all’utilizzatore finale.

A complete range of industrial vacuum cleaners

The range today consists of single-phase and three-phase vacuum cleaners suitable for suction of any material: smoky, dusty, liquid, granular, heavy, solid, light, heavy, bulky, etc.
Dupuy offers professional vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuums, patented bucket vacuums, suction silos, centralized systems, dust collectors, stainless steel vacuums, ATEX-certified vacuums, pneumatic conveyors, and high vacuum vacuums for heavy industry.

Choosing a Dupuy custom machine means making sure of a high-quality solution and dedicated support.

" a construction philosophy focused on craftsmanship and customization, each vacuum cleaner is the result of painstaking work and an ongoing commitment to solving the most complex industrial challenges "
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Our values

Quality and Reliability

The company is committed to offering high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners designed to be reliable and durable. Each product is built with robust materials and advanced technologies to ensure excellent long-term performance.

Technological Innovation

Continuous research and development are at the core of the company’s philosophy. Industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with the latest technology to ensure effective removal of dust, debris and contaminants. The company is committed to staying abreast of industry innovations to meet growing industrial needs.

Customization and Adaptability

The company understands that each industry sector has unique needs. For this reason, industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to be highly customizable to fit each customer’s specific requirements. By offering tailored solutions, the company aims to maximize operational effectiveness and meet the specific needs of each industry served.

Excellence in customer service

The company is committed to providing impeccable customer service. In addition to manufacturing high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners, the focus is on customer satisfaction. A dedicated team is ready to provide timely support, solve any problems, and offer expert advice to ensure that customers get the most value from the products they purchase.